Sunday, August 9, 2009

Yes, I am happy.

Yes, I am Happy.

I have the best group of friends, great parents, an awesome brother... I am happy.
People say I write, draw well and am very smart... I am happy.
I am true to myself and have pride in my uniqueness. Why wouldn't I be happy?

I think I don't have any talent whatsoever.
I don't believe in myself.
I have a lot of self-loathing within me.
I smile, even though deep down I feel like screaming and crying.
And even if I considered what I do well 'talents', I feel empty at times
And yearn for something I will never have even in my wildest dreams.

If people ask me: How are you? Is everything good?
All you'll get is a simple and vague: Fine.
'Cause that's the best mask for when you constantly feel sad.

But yes, I AM happy.


  1. natacha amei, posso só dizer uma coisa??

    I totaly get you :s

    hang on, be strong@

  2. it took me a WHILE but then i got it...u never know what the future brings, ok????
    lol, love you and like patxo says: "hang on, be strong "