Friday, August 7, 2009

Win At Life

We are failures at life. We were dragged inevitably by our emotions, ending in delusion, a catastrophe of a phase of our lives. We suffered. We cried. But did we fail? Are a cup of suffering, a teaspoon of despair and a pint of temptation to give up on all our ambitions and all our dreams - all of this obviously a merely temporary state of mind - the recipe for defeat in life? A tragedy happens. Is that reason enough to let the days go by and not do anything at all to stop being pathetic idiots who whine about their sad, miserable lives? Time doesn't wait for us: it's cold and cruel. So the opportunity to seize our lives is entirely and only ours. If we waste it, it's our responsibility. But how do we invert this destiny?

First, we have to avoid being pessimistic. If we are pessimists, we think life is insignificant - we have a nihilistic view of our life - and that's how we end up letting the most important moments of our lives fleet by us. We have to get up from that chair of obscurity in which we've been swallowed into and say "Today is the first day of the rest of my life, and I will live it as my last!" And we have to believe in those words. And living every day like our last is loving, it's being with friends and family and people you care about and have fun with them, it's finishing checking that endless list of things you want to do before you perish from this world... It's thinking about the now and leaving the worries of tomorrow aside.

Secondly, we can't ever stop dreaming. Sure, as we dream, we also fear: fear we can't conquer our obstacles, fear of delusion... But we can't let these be a barrier to the journey we make throughout our life. Actually, they should be our impulse, our motivation to make our dreams come true, to conquer our fears.

And the last step is: we create our own destiny. We can't be alienated by fatalist thoughts and we can't stop believing that we don't have the power to change our whole destiny, change the ending of our story, our tale, our book. We all have that capacity. We hold the destiny in our hands and we mold it like plasticine, and it can become anything we want it to be.

This is the recipe for victory.

Now let us rise from this hole of misery in which we've buried ourselves, and let's get out! Let's explore new horizons! Let's socialize with our friends in an outdoor coffee shop with the sun shining above us in a beautiful summer day! Cross that - the place and the season don't really matter: just go! Life's short and the world is so big and so ours. Forget what we said before. We are not failures at life. We are winners!

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  1. "We hold the destiny in our hands and we mold it like plasticine, and it can become anything we want it to be."

    adorei esta parte simplesmente porque às vezes sinto que tudo o que se passa comigo está fora do meu controlo, mas como tu dizes não está, nós é que nos deixamos levar como se não houvesse nada a fazer.. Mas há!

    And we'll go down as fighters (:

    adoro te*