Monday, August 10, 2009

Verses I Shall Never Recite.

Could you be my Arthur Rimbaud and reinvent my rusty love?

Find me eternity and teach me to be as free as a dove?
And I shall promise you sincerely infinite times and more
That I will love you even when I can't see the sun anymore.
And I'll try my very, very best not to be like Paul Verlaine,
'Cause I vow on the moon and stars to never ever bring you pain.


  1. awww...(don't really hav a comment) but it's deep lol (emo bitch)...kidding

  2. eu amo isto ^^

    está perfeito *.*

    e sabes isso tem muitas coisas ineteressantes entrelinhas humm

  3. emo bitch :o?
    -bitchslaps babel- lol

    e yup, i was right in the mood when i wrote it xp (you know...)

  4. sim estavas isto está muito interessante a sério *.*

  5. OHHH~~ eu lembro desse poema! ainda tenho u're first draft la no meu quarto!!! :D
    eh lindo e ja te disse isso antes.. :)
    miss u

    ps. o caderno de assinaturas esta no meu quarto em macau.. se quiser eu peco po meu mano pa te dar qnd as aulas comecarem

  6. xD merciiii!

    ah e ok pd ser :)

    miss yaaaa