Friday, February 26, 2010

i am :

a girl; a teenager; a history nerd; a math lover; a movie enthusiast; a music addict; a compulsive writer; an avid reader; a terrible singer; a friend who is always there when you need her, a dog lover; a student; a how i met your mother and madmen fan; a comic book lover; a terrible video game player; an artist; a person with low self-esteem; an agnostic; a skeptic; a glass half-empty girl; a person who wants to explore the world and find the place where she belongs; a youtube addict; talkative; a person who fights for what she believes in; a nonconformist; a girl who is used to having her heart broken but it still hurts when it happens again; a hopeless romantic; weird; curious; a color green lover; a big sister; a mask wearer; a person with terrible fashion style; a brunette; a dreamer; a vitamin water addict; a hard worker; ambitious; driven; determined; a nerd; portuguese and filipina; a poetry lover; a nonbeliever (in terms of eternal love, religion and everything supernatural); a card games player.

i am
still trying to figure out who i am.