Thursday, September 10, 2009

Last year.

It feels weird to arrive at school on the first day and realizing it's the last first day you'll ever have at that school and at high school in general. It's weird to know that will be your last year at the school as well. You're a finalist, a senior! Twelve years of hard work and your education, in the school you've been for all those twelve years, is almost over... I'm anxious and surprised simultaneously: anxious, 'cause this year I have a pretty good schedule and some pretty cool subjects - what better way to end high school could there be?; and surprised at how time flies and we don't get a grasp of it until the very last seconds.


  1. meu deus tens toda a razão, foi mesmo estranho o primeiro ultimo dia x)

    quanto à tua pergunta eu depois conto te no msn linda

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