Thursday, December 2, 2010

perfect photograph

a photograph is a captured memory. a memory you can look back at and remember how your mood, your life, how you were at that exact moment.

ever felt like you just had the most amazing moment in your entire life, a moment of such beauty and fulfillment that just made you think "this is it - it just can't get any better than this"? that moment that no matter where you are in time. past. present. future. that moment - that very moment captured in your glistening eyes - it's the climax of your life.

a moment that would've been the perfect photograph.

it's all
from that point on.

so why have that moment? why get to the best moment if everything that comes after will no longer bring you the once awaited smile of surprise? why settle for just one perfect moment instead of several good ones? why? because either way we will never be fully satisfied. that so called climax is as well an illusion of ours. sure, it might even be your peak, but you will still want more.

it's just in our nature.

even the most modest mouse would like some more cheese after tasting some of it. we will never settle for what we already have. and if we do, we are never fully satisfied.

i haven't captured any moment which i deem "the perfect photograph", but i'm sure this search will end just the way it started.

- incomplete photographer.

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